Hummus & Baba Ganoush – The Rockstars of the Mezze world

whether you prefer the rockstar of mezze – Hummus or its humble brother – Baba Ghanoush. we have you covered with two great recipes to prepare at home and share with your loved ones. Stay strong , stay curious and keep learning

Recipe – Eggs Souffle

Tired of boiled eggs and breakfast cereals during #stayathome, take your egg game to another level with this quick easy breakfast souffle

Musings – The Angels share – An afternoon with Charles MacLean

My darling Cheryl (Thebakerwhocooks) received a press invite to the Singapore Duty Free Store (DFS) at Changi Airport to be part of a whisky appreciation afternoon with whisky’s finest guru Charles MacLean. DFS is hosting a six week whiskey festival at Singapore Changi Airport. The event was inaugurated at DFS Singapore in 2016. This year…

Review – Burnt Ends – Sing, Dance, Skill

The best seats in the house are no longer tucked away in an exclusive corner of the restaurant behind closed doors; doors that shielded the public’s eyes from the gastronomic wonders that await within. These days the best seats are center-stage, right smack in front of an open kitchen, like at Burnt Ends, with counter seats…